Tracking Real Time Conference Participation at SC02

The Future of IntelliBadge™ debuted at Supercomputing 2002 (Baltimore, MD). Intellibadge provided a general solution to people-tracking in large public events. This technology allowed participants (all of whom registered information voluntarily) to:

  • locate people who shared similar interests
  • visualize patterns of flow of the conference
  • discover how many miles they walked at the show
  • see their chances of winning prizes and prize winners
  • find their favorite restaurants

Conference goers were able track the above attributes in real time by two different types of display visualizations located at the conference site: statistical and graphical. The graphical visualization, How Does Your Garden Grow?, used the metaphor of a garden to display a large amount of information on attendee movements throughout the convention center, with participants represented by ants going in and out of an anthill (the rate of ant movement across locations conveyed rate of participant activity) and aggregate activity levels in different locations by the growth or shrinkage of flowers.


IntelliBadge™ Researchers


Volodymyr Kindratenko
NCSA Research Scientist and Smart Technologies Technical Lead; IntelliBadge™ Technical Lead: Technical evaluation, Database and Services Software; Smart Technologies Planning and Installation; IntelliBadge™ conference coordinator.

Donna Cox
Division Director for Experimental Technologies; IntelliBadge™ Team Builder and Resource Manager: Producer and Art Director, Designer 'How does your conference grow?' visualization schema and IntelliBadge™ facilities map and slide show design.

Alex Betts
NCSA visualization software developer, Vmaya development and support. Vmaya is a real-time program built upon Alias/Wavefront Maya API.

Robin Dhamankar
NCSA Computer Science Graduate Student, developed back end kiosk services for finding events and conference at a glance.

Tony Kaap
NCSA visualization software developer, technical director 'How Does Your Conference Grow?' image schema; developed real-time mel scripting input from database to renderer

Lorne Leonard
Graduate Student Landscape Architecture, 'How does your conference grow?' schema legend design, IntelliBadge™ map co-design, how does technology work animation, general graphics support.

Stuart Levy
Senior Research Programmer, IntelliBadge™ visualization software developer and world database developer for Vmaya visualization schema using flags and world map, systems programmer and hardware support.

John Martirano
Research Programmer; IntelliBadge™ real-time media framework: video and audio installation; software and hardware support.

Robert Patterson
Research Programmer; IntelliBadge™ VMaya Smart Camera design and setup, creative designer for 3-D maps; Blowing flag and world map visualization schema; JVC negotiations and booth.

David Pointer
NCSA software and hardware engineer, smart technologies software support and installation, robot software support and installation, general hardware support.

Jennifer Powell
Undergraduate student Civil Engineering, signpost stand design research, restaurant database and map; general graphics and prizes photography support.

Paul Rajlich
Visualization Group Research Programmer, main application for visualization integration, conceived and developed State Table Matrix puzzle, interest bar graphs, timeline graphs.

Anna Rovedo
IntelliBadge™ logo design.

Barry Sanders
IntelliBadge™ interactive web-based kiosk user interface design and information architecture. HTML, CSS, JSP, Javascript development. IntelliBadge™ booth and signage design.

Michael Shapiro
Database Research Programmer, Java and back end services for IntelliBadge™ kiosk and web application.

Deanna Spivey
Secretary Experimental Technologies and Visualization Group, general support for IntelliBadge™ efforts and prizes.

Special thanks to:

  • Alan Shih (initial visualization research and database research)
  • Mary Pietrowicz (initial smart technologies research)
  • Jackie Kern (media and visualization support)
  • Jeff Carpenter (media and vis support)
  • George Estes (media and vis support)
  • Alex Farthing (hardware support)
  • Steve Quinn (enabled Mike Shapiro and others)
  • Dave Semeraro (enabled Paul Rajlich to work on project)
  • Patty Kobel (general support and prizes)
  • Albert Khakshour, James Long (Maya and hardware support)
  • Gaurav Kalmady (original back end services)
  • Steve Quinn, Chris Pond (NCSA, web server, linux admin)
  • David Wheeler (NCSA, network engineer)
  • Jon Dugan (NCSA, network engineer)


March 23, 2010