Bringing cinematic science to CyberInfrastructure Days

At CyberInfrastructure Days http://www.rcac.purdue.edu/cidays/index.cfm, eDream director Donna Cox presents the keynote, 'Hubble3D – IMAX movie and Data Visualization for Public Outreach. She will show NCSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) collaborative scientific visualization projects for museum and movie outreach. She will focus on the 'making of' the Hubble3D IMAX movie in collaboration with the Space Telescope Sciences Institute (STsI) and IMAX corporation.

AVL scientifically translated, modeled and rendered STsI high-resolution two-dimensional Hubble imagery into three-dimensional virtual spatial tours for an IMAX stereo movie. AVL collaborated with the IMAX Director, Toni Myers (Blue Planet, Destiny in Space) who flew to NCSA to work with the team to design and choreograph the virtual flights. AVL used clusters, 4K stereo system, and an Illinois supercomputer to render nearly 25% of the movie in stereo at over 5K pixels per stereo eye. Hubble3D" IMAX film is narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and was released April 2010. It has been translated into more than 14 languages and shown to more than three million people world-wide. ("Hubble3D" material copyrighted by IMAX corporation and Warner Bros)

December 2, 2010