Super Tornado: Anatomy of a Mega-Disaster

May 22nd, 2011. A powerful tornado cut a mile-wide swath through Joplin, Missouri. It was the costliest tornado disaster in history, with insured losses close to two billion dollars. It was also one of the deadliest, with 161 lives lost… and one thousand injured. What did scientists learn when they peered into the realm of this SuperTornado?

The Advanced Visualization Lab worked with atmospheric scientists and GIS researchers to visualize the Joplin & El Reno tornados and their aftermath.

More information including links to media files can be found on the CADENS site:
 Super Tornado: Anatomy of a Mega-Disaster

nsf1_shaded Funded in part by: National Science Foundation Award: ACI-1445176

October 10, 2016