International Planetarium Society (IPS) 2016 conference

Kalina Borkiewicz served as both moderator and panelist at the International Planetarium Society (IPS) 2016 conference in Warsaw, Poland in a session entitled "Scientific data visualization (accuracy & big data)"

Data visualizations provide an authentic science experience for planetarium viewers to view phenomena that would be otherwise invisible or impossible to visit. They have the potential to tell important stories about the natural world in a manner that can be both technically accurate and stunningly beautiful. However, telling a story through real data straddles a fine line between maintaining scientific integrity and evoking emotions in the audience and as data grow, so do the technical and artistic challenges associated with creating compelling visualizations. This seminar included experts in data visualization who showed some of their work, discussed their techniques, and talked about the wide-ranging value of powerful, data-driven storytelling.

Other speakers included:
Ryan Wyatt (US) – California Academy of Sciences,
Frederic Arenou (FR) – Paris-Meudon Observatory,
Emanuele Balboni (IT) – Infini.to – Planetario di Torino,

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The primary goal of the Society is to encourage the sharing of ideas among its members through conferences, publications, and networking. By sharing their insights and creative work, IPS members become better planetarians.

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January 25, 2017