Sharing the Glory: Hubble 3D IMAX Wins Three GSCA Cinema Awards

Hubble 3D IMAX has won three Giant Screen Cinema Association Awards (2010) for Best Film Produced Exclusively For Giant Screen Theaters, Lifelong Learning, and Cinematography.  GSCA's Lifelong Learning award criteria are:

      (a) The educational program shall originate from the giant screen film utilizing exhibits, educational materials, and other media or materials.
      (b) The educational program enhances and introduces new perspectives for films, exhibits, educational materials, and other means or materials.
      (c) The educational program uses familiar starting points, but stretches viewer interests and extends their knowledge.
      (d) The educational program motivates viewer interest in the film's topic and related subject matter.
      (e) The educational program is entertaining and compelling.
      (f) The educational program provides a variety of experiences to meet the needs of viewers of different ages and from different backgrounds.
      (g) The educational program contains an effective educational component identifying resources for further learning.
      (h) If applicable, the educational program reaches out to diverse ethnic/racial groups, world cultures.

AVL is truly pround to have contributed to this IMAX Warner Bros. production that shares scientific knowledge with the public so memorably and meaningfully.


"Hubble 3D\" ©2010 Warner Bros. Courtesy of Warner Bros. and IMAX Corporation"

October 5, 2010